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Four Aspects of Your Living Space That Tell People of Who You Are

Several aspects of your life can be used to describe the kind of person you are. Although the saying do not judge a book by its cover should apply in most cases, people will always take a step back to look at your surroundings, especially how you design and decorate your house. Your living room is the center of interest here as it is the part of your home where most socializing and relaxation takes place. That is why the living is a good source of information about your personality. Not every part of your living room could say the exact truth about your personality but these are four aspects of your living room that definitely have something to say about you.

Color is one of those four main aspects. The theme color or colors in your living room from the wall to the interior designs have lots to say about you. If you choose to go dark for the living room, it shows that you are an edgy person who is self-assured. It also speaks of how bold you are and forward your personality is. Boldness is also greatly depicted in people who choose lighter colors for their living rooms but this kind of bold is different from the boldness of those who have chosen or rather preferred to go dark. Boldness shown by lighter colors tell of how untroubled you are by mess. A living space that sparkles with a white fill shouts of how confident and sophisticated you are and do not happen to be clumsy.

The furniture in your living room also touches on your personality type. The same way you use adjectives to describe the type of furniture in your living space is the same way those adjectives are used to depict your character. Those adjectives you use on your furniture in the living room apply to your personality too. Do those adjectives show the kind of person you are? Chances are, the type of furniture you decide to purchase goes in line with what you prefer or feel comfortable with and that there is how furniture tells tales about your personality.

Moving on to another pointer, the focal point can and is usually used to say stuff about your personality. Focal point is used to mean the aspect of the living room that attracts the attention of those seated on the furniture depending on where they are arranged to face. If you arrange your furniture facing the television set, it show how you prioritize entertainment in your living space. Another exclusive example on the same is facing the furniture toward the coffee table and this is a depiction of seclusion as a part of your personality. click here to learn more about your living room.

The fourth part of your living room that gives out your personality are rags. Messy and shaggy rags tell of how little messed up your life and personality is with a sense of being free-spirited while tidy and well-kept rags show a person who is neat and tidy.