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Factors to Consider when Customizing your Challenge Coin

A small coin or a medallion that bears the emblem of an organization and can be carried by members of the organization is known as a challenge coin. Traditionally, they were mostly used to improve the confidence of members and also to prove membership to an organization. Challenge coins are not that expensive to produce or to design. Challenge coins are used for rewarding outstanding service and performance and also for challenges. Police departments have also adopted the use of challenge coins to reward their members. This article describes several ways how to design and customize a challenge coin.

Mentioned here are a few ways of designing a custom challenge coin. The primary action is to consider whether you would wish to have a soft or hard enamel. This actually refers to the finishing process that completes the challenge coin. A hard enamel coin is known to have a smoother feel than a soft coin. This is because the paint fills flush with the edges of the coin. Soft enamel coins however, have raised metal edges making them feel more textured when touched. Soft enamel coins are much cheaper than hard enamel ones.

The design of the challenge coin should be considered before hiring a challenge coin company. Consider the aspect of being unique and pick out symbols and images that relate to the persons or events you want to award the challenge coin to. Contemplate on the cultural emblems that are relatable to an individual’s personality or monuments they relate to. Also consider dates, sports teams and flags of a club, team or country. It is therefore wise to narrow down your choices since there are so many possibilities.

U.S coin currencies are much smaller than challenge coins. The size of the custom challenge coin is another factor that should be considered. When deciding on the size of the custom challenge coin, it is possible to make reference to a U.S quarter. A quarter is normally an inch less than a challenge coin. There are various edges used to make a challenge coin. Remember to consider the type of edge you want on your challenge coin before ordering it.

You only need a small order when designing a challenge coin as a gift to a few family members. A large number of coins is normally ordered for big events such as weddings or retirement parties. Everyone will receive a challenge coin during distribution and no one is left out. Always consider the aspects mentioned above before you decide to call a company to customize your challenge coin.

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Why not learn more about Awards?