Signs it’s Time for a New Mattress

There are some people who rely on their warranty to help them determine when it is time to replace their mattress. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best indication of an old or outdated mattress. Another factor that needs to be considered is how comfortable the mattress is. Some of the signs that it is time to invest in a new mattress can be found here.

The Mattress is More than Eight Years Old

One of the first things a person should consider is the age of a mattress. The majority of people can’t remember when they purchased their last mattress. If a person isn’t too good at maintaining records, they should date the purchase on the mattress label. Experts recommend that mattresses be replaced every seven to 10 years. While this may be a bit of a shock – especially for those who have purchased a mattress with a 20-year warranty – the warranty is meant to cover the parts, not the overall comfort the mattress offers.

A Person Doesn’t Feel Rested when They Wake Up

If an individual gets a good night’s sleep, they should wake up feeling rested and refreshed. If a person finds that they wake up tired or if they feel drowsy during the day (and don’t have any other sleep issues) then the problem may be excessive tossing and turning. The individual’s body is having to work overtime to successfully find a sleeping position that is comfortable that just isn’t present because of the subpar mattress being used.

Other Locations are More Comfortable

The ability that a mattress has to provide support may be affected significantly by what is supporting the mattress. If the couch is more comfortable than a person’s bed, then this is definitely a sign that it is time to invest in a new one.

When it comes to buying a new mattress, there will be several signs that it is time to purchase a new one. Those who are interested can find mattress details to ensure that they purchase the right one. Being informed is the best way to make the right purchase when it comes to a mattress.